100 Stories

Goal: “100 Stories in 100 Days in 2015”, which means by May 1st.

Some of these stories will be bizarre, some brutal, and some will definitely be twisted. I hope they’re all entertaining. There’s no restriction on genre, but some of these early ones I was attempting to stay within 1000 words or less because creativity works best with boundaries. But heck, the more I began writing everyday the more I was willing to stretch some to 2000 words when a story flowed well.

Enjoy these stories for what they’re worth. If you really like one of them I’d love to hear it!

  1. The Haunting of Hobb Hill
  2. Like Hercules
  3. The Guardian
  4. Yellow Jacket
  5. Clear Skies
  6. Midnight Run
  7. A Fistful of Rope
  8. The Devil’s Heart
  9. The Other Side of the Coin
  10. Victoria
  11. La Lechuza
  12. Shadows on the Moon, Part 1
  13. Yellow Jacket: Cheaters Never Win
  14. Adrift
  15. I Dream of Dragons

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